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ZN Audiology: Hearing Aids

Your Better Hearing Is Our Goal

At ZN Audiology, your better hearing is our goal. While nothing can cure hearing loss, hearing aids may make a huge difference for those struggling with hearing issues. Our #1 priority is to match you with the right hearing aids based on your unique lifestyle. 

FAQs About Hearing Aids

What Is It Like To Get Hearing Aids? 

It can be an emotional experience when you are first fitted with a new pair of hearing aids. You may find yourself hearing sounds for the first time in years that you didn't even know you were missing. Sounds like loved one’s voices, birds singing, wind in the trees or even cars passing by. The improvement is instantaneous, and over time may continue to get better as you adjust to your hearing aids.

Can I Try A Pair of Hearing Aids Before I Buy Them?

Yes! We offer demo units so you can try a pair of hearing aids before making a final decision. Our demo units are:

  • Programmed to your specific hearing loss
  • No obligation for 2 weeks
  • 0% interest for 12 months

Do You Have The Latest Models?

We carry the latest technology from the most reputable hearing aid brands such as Starkey, Phonak, and Oticon. Our recommendations are tailored to your individual hearing loss needs and lifestyle. We pledge to provide you with affordable hearing aids - and we won’t try to sell you more expensive hearing aids if you don’t need them!

Can I Afford Hearing Aids?


  • We keep our prices low and offer various price points to accommodate your individual budget.
  • We accept most major insurance carriers.
  • We work with CareCredit to offer 12 months of payments without interest.