Frequently Asked Questions

Before you decide to invest in hearing aids, it's important you understand what to expect and whether they're right for you. At ZN Audiology, we're here to answer all of your questions and make sure you're comfortable and confident in the choice you make. Education is a significant part of our role in your hearing healthcare journey. If you ever have questions for us please don't hesitate to reach out and ask.

Below, we've gathered some questions and misconceptions we often hear from our patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are some signs of hearing loss?

A. It often takes many years before you realize you have hearing loss. You don't realize how much you're missing because you lose your hearing slowly, over time. Chances are that if you suspect you might have hearing loss, you probably do, especially if you've noticed one or more of the following:

Q. Can hearing loss happen suddenly?

A. Sometimes hearing loss is severe and rapid. If you notice your hearing deteriorating quickly, we encourage you to get it tested as soon as possible. Potential causes for sudden hearing loss can be due to illness or severe stress.

Q. Can't I just save money buying hearing aids at a big box store?

A. Although the price tag may be cheaper, big box stores sell hearing aids as a product without support. An audiology practice like ZN Audiology isn't just about selling hearing aids. We also provide professional services and ongoing hearing healthcare. Another important difference is the quality of hearing devices you get from a store versus what we carry. We offer the latest possible technology, while many stores carry out-of-date models. In fact, many of our patients come to see us because they purchased hearing aids from a store and were dissatisfied with the results.

Q. Will hearing aids start working right away?

A. You'll definitely notice improvements the moment you're first fitted with your new hearing aids, and they will only continue to get better over time. You will be hearing sounds you might not have heard for years or even decades.

Hearing Aid Myths


MYTH: My hearing is too bad for hearing aids to help me.

FACT: If you have profound hearing loss, we have technology that can localize sounds to your better ear to allow you to hear from a fuller range. Don't give up just because you feel one ear is unaidable.

MYTH: Hearing aids will make my hearing worse.

FACT: Hearing aids don't cause any damage to your hearing. People sometimes think that their hearing is worse after getting hearing aids, but what actually happens is they've gotten used to hearing better while they're wearing the hearing aids.

MYTH: Hearing aids will cure my hearing loss.

FACT: Hearing aids may make a huge difference in your life, but they don't actually cure your hearing loss. They are similar to how wearing glasses does not change your eyes, but it does change how well you see while you're wearing them.

MYTH: I can wait on getting hearing aids until my hearing loss is worse.

FACT: The longer you go without treating your hearing loss, the longer you deprive your brain of the sounds it can no longer hear. The biggest danger of waiting is that you may lose some of your speech recognition because auditory deprivation has led your brain to no longer understand those sounds. If that happens, you may need additional therapy to get back your speech recognition.

MYTH: Hearing aids are for old people.

FACT: Hearing loss happens to people of all ages. Getting hearing aids is not a sign you're old; it just means you've decided to get some help overcoming a challenge. If you're worried about seeming old because you have hearing aids, consider how hearing aids will help you stay actively involved in the world around you. You'll feel younger if you're able to understand the conversations around you and remain involved in the activities you enjoy.

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Languages spoken: English, Russian, Spanish, Hindi, Bengali
6273 Woodhaven Blvd.
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(917) 755-9333 | (718) 255-1113
1783 West 6th St.
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