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Treating your hearing loss can make a huge difference in your life. It can give you back your confidence, knowing you'll be able to take part in the conversations and activities around you. But the benefits of better hearing go even beyond what you'll experience for yourself. Your hearing affects the people who love you, too, and their lives can be transformed just like yours. Take it from Dr. Zarina Badalova-Naizam, who was inspired to become an audiologist after seeing how hearing aids changed life for her mother - and for her whole family.

Confronting your hearing loss can be a difficult but important step. We're on your side and here to help, but it's up to you to choose what you're ready for. Our job is to guide people like you down the path of better hearing. We're in this field because we care about helping people and because we want to share the experience that has made such a difference in our own lives.

Nearly every day, we're fortunate to see the look of surprise and delight on our patients' faces when we fit them with new hearing aids and they realize how much they've been missing and how much they can now hear again.

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Why ZN Audiology?

  1. We're compassionate. We understand that hearing loss can make things harder in your life, and we also understand that getting hearing aids can be a big decision. We're here to be your sympathetic, supportive partners on your journey to better hearing.
  2. We're open and honest. We will always answer your questions fully and tell you the truth about what we think would be best for you. When you trust us with your hearing, we take that responsibility seriously.
  3. Your health is our top priority. We're motivated by what's best for our patients, not what will make us more money. Dr. Naizam wants everybody to have the chance to have a better life like her mother did.
  4. We're here to help for as long as it takes. We don't just sell hearing aids and disappear. Getting hearing aids is the beginning of your path toward better hearing, not the end goal. In the months and years that follow, we will keep in touch to help maintain your hearing aids, monitor your hearing loss, and keep you hearing your best.
  5. Our prices are fair and competitive. We keep our prices down because we believe everyone deserves to hear better.
  6. We're never pushy. We aren't trying to make a sale, we're trying to help people. That means we won't pressure you to buy hearing aids, and we won't try to upsell you into something more expensive than you need.

We also offer CareCredit, and are usually able to determine eligibility within five minutes during your consultation.

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Your ZN Audiology Appointment

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  1. Especially if it's your first appointment, we suggest bringing a friend or family member with you so you have a familiar voice around. That way, you can tell right away how our demo hearing aids sound for you, and you'll have someone there to help you keep track of the information we share with you.
  2. Generally, we set aside a whole hour for your appointment, so you never have to worry about feeling rushed.
  3. You'll be greeted by someone who will make you feel welcome and who will walk you through your paperwork with a smile. This includes a case history about your hearing so we understand why you've come to see us today.
  4. Dr. Naizam will bring you into her office and start things off with a conversation about your hearing and your life. She wants to get to know you so she can help you better.
  5. After Dr. Naizam has learned more about you and what you're looking for with your hearing, it's time to test your hearing. We give you a full audiological evaluation that shows us a complete picture of your hearing health. This is painless and easy, and we'll explain the whole process and answer your questions.
  6. Once we've completed the testing, we will explain the results to you. If you do have hearing loss and we determine that hearing aids would be a good solution for your hearing loss, Dr. Naizam will use them to program a pair of demo hearing aids for you. This helps in a few different ways. First, it lets you see for yourself what hearing aids can do for you. Until you try hearing aids yourself, you can't know for sure if they're right for you. Also, it makes it easier for you to hear and understand when we talk to you about your results and your options for treatment.
  7. Our approach is to educate you and make sure you know everything you need in order to make a decision. If we feel hearing aids will help you and you want to move forward with them, we'll place an order for you. Otherwise, we will keep in touch with you and help you make a plan moving forward.

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Languages spoken: English, Russian, Spanish, Hindi, Bengali
6273 Woodhaven Blvd.
Rego Park, NY 11374
(917) 755-9333 | (718) 255-1113
1783 West 6th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11223
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